Position of Personal Assistant 


Average hours/week: 30 hours a week (remote)

While hours are flexible, a daily check in for emails is required. 


Ideal Candidate: A highly organized and detail oriented team player interested in mental health and spiritual growth. A people person and tech savvy individual who is able to navigate various administrative softwares with ease.


Responsibilities Needed:


  • Virtual administrative duties such as email communication, scheduling clients, student interaction and invoicing. 

  • Organize CEO's schedule

  • Manage and respond to all communications with press and media inquiries

  • Write and design well crafted copy to meet our clients’ needs as well as our own

  • Handle financial aspects and administrative aspects of the business such as paying invoices, sending invoices, collecting payments, and sending reminders.

  • Collect and centralize information used and shared by team members - set meeting times, take meeting notes 

  • Ensure knowledge tracking of company work flow and products 

  • Use platforms such as Shopify and Active Campaign to send newsletters and promote products 

  • Assist with social media managing (answering DMs, connecting platforms)

Deadline: February 21st

Position of Audio and Video Editor Assistant to Creative Coordinator 


Average hours/week: 10-15 hours a week, hours are flexible 


Ideal Candidate: A highly organized and detail-oriented team player interested in mental health and spiritual growth. Must be well versed in both audio, video, and picture editing, social media formats, and be able to work on a variety of projects at one time. 


Responsibilities Needed: 


  • Assist creative coordinator with podcast, video, picture editing

  • Occasional graphic design work (Canva)

Deadline: February 21st

What's it like to work together?


We're a small but mighty team who runs MediumFleur.com. Our mission is to be the catalyst to a spiritual experience for every seeker in the world. We believe passionately in the power of spiritual connection to heal and positively change lives, attitudes and ultimately the world. Everyday, we get emails from our clients and audience sharing how we have healed their deepest wounds and shown them how to use intuition in their lives - we genuinely get to see that we make a difference with our work. We are an intimate team in which each of our employees wear multiple hats and are encouraged to be creative thinkers.


We work hard and expect the same from every team member. We believe in action over words and expect a 110% effort in everything that you do. Passion and going above and beyond is the norm around here. We are team players and while everyone has their own responsibilities, we often pitch in to help one another. 


We keep things compassionate– always. This means our communication within our team and with our clients. Everyone on the team knows that our work in the spiritual realm means that we also regularly work with those who are actively grieving. Our priority is heart-felt, compassionate communication.


We keep things modern and expanding. We prioritise clean communications and no-fluff content in all aspects of our business. We are ever expanding online platforms and new, modern ways to reach and help more people. We don't expect team members to just "do the tasks" but to also share their business growth ideas too.

We move fast and love evolution. Just because things have been done a certain way doesn't mean they stay that way. We move quickly to test and experiment new solutions that help make the business more efficient and effective. We look ahead to spot blindspots or areas of inefficiency. There are lots of moving parts so staying organised, not panicking and strong self-management skills are all key.


We walk the walk. We lead by example and practice what we preach. Weekly meetings include gratitude practices and we encourage a growth mindset in body, mind, and soul. 

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