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Intuition Activation Retreats

A profound immersive awakening of your intuitive power

Intuition Activation Retreat recalibrates your intuition to give you a deeper and more profound connection of self trust, inner peace, and tangible connection to spirit. Led and guided by Fleur, you are in for a transformative week - heart centered and focused on spiritual connection and somatic release work. 


Your spirit and body is capable of translating energy into the useful language of intuition; an inner compass you can use in all aspects of your life. However, within your vessel you also hold limiting beliefs, anxiety and stress. Intuition activation retreats transforms from the inside out, and outside in, to transform what stands in your way to lead a powerfully intuitive life. Together we clear the nervous system with profound inner and somatic work that will lead to an underlying sense of peace and easy access to your intuitive core. 


While releasing the difficulties that stand in the way of intuition-feeling stressed, emotionally drained, grief, anxieties, and fear- you will build your spiritual core, spiritual connection, self trust and awareness of intuition through daily workshops and practice. 


Staff: All retreats have a staff to participant ratio of 4:1. Each of our staff is trained in energy healing and clearing. You will be held and supported directly by Fleur and her staff in all parts of your journey.

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