10 Minutes to Intuition Journal


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Do you get gut feelings, have hunches, or feel vibes about people? The intuition is a real thing that’s been been studied and tested. 

How wonderful would it be if yours could work better?

This journal works by asking you 5 questions every day. 

5 questions that help you: 

– Document past moments when your intuition was already working, but you ignored it

– Learn to recognize small intuition moments (like when you know someone is going to call). 

– Build trust for those big future intuition moments so that you have the confidence to act. 

– Avoid the dreaded “I knew I shouldn’t have…”

 “In the”10 Minutes to Intuition Journal,” Fleur skillfully provides the perfect tool for you to hear the voice of your soul from the inside out and clearly recognize the truth of your being.  A MUST READ for EVERYONE! ”  – James Van Praagh

If you’re located outside the USA, please email olivia@mediumfleur.com to purchase.

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