Would highly recommend!

 I had been on Fleur’s waitlist for about a year, and was so excited to have my first reading with her! By far one of the best life readings I’ve ever had. She guided me through the process and provided detailed, specific information that gave me the insights and validation I was looking for. I walked away feeling more at ease, more centered, and more excited for the future. Plus she’s just the loveliest person!

Valerie H

BEST decision I made

After being on Fleur’s waiting list for almost a year, I cannot express my gratitude for this reading. Fleur and I spoke for 50 minutes over the phone (I do not live in Los Angeles) and she was almost always spot on with the details and information I was looking for. She was polite, encouraging, sensitive to my needs and is probably the most gifted person I have been in contact with. I got very emotional through the beginning of the reading and not only did I receive answers, I felt touched. This was such a personal experience, she knew all the details of my life without me stating a word. How amazing is that! I felt as though I had connected with a guide who knew me in and out. That’s who Fleur is – an ethereal guide.

After the reading, I was ‘light’ again (if that makes any sense). Her energy reaches out to you in a phenomenal way. If you are confused and need direction and clarity on the path you are taking, get on Fleur’s waiting list. It is absolutely worth it.

Poornima B

It is WORTH the wait!

Our meeting each other was meant to be. I lost my beloved suddenly eight months ago, tragedy, I have been trying to pick up the pieces. I searched for an energy field which I needed to be comfortable with it was Fleur. It was an amazing experience.

Fleur has provided me peace to move forward, I will be forever grateful

Eileen W


I had never been to a psychic or medium before. I went for a life reading due to how pressured I’ve been feeling lately. I wouldn’t say I was nervous just a little anxious. When I got into her office she picked up on my energy right away. But I was surprised when she talked about my sister who passed before I was born. She validated everything I was feeling. I plan on seeing her as many times as I can. She herself has a great a engrey and is very kind hearted. 5 stars hands down!

Andrea S

Comforting & Incredible Experience

My son and I had a reading with Fleur last month as my husband passed away suddenly 9 months ago. She gave us very detailed information that was comforting and validating. We will never forget the experience and have been recommending her and trying to book another appointment soon!

Lynn C

Highly recommended.

 I’ve never had a one-on-one reading with Fleur, but I did have the opportunity to watch a live audience reading and attend one of her classes. She is as articulate as she is gifted, and she made a not-so-clear subject matter (in this case, intuition) much more easily understood by a complete beginner. She broke things down and was happy to explain things again and again. It was like taking a meditation class from an analytical viewpoint.

These experiences definitely heightened my awareness and made me think!

Kristina C


I had scheduled a “Life Reading” and when I arrived for my scheduled appt with Fleur, I changed to a “Medium-ship Reading”. It was not clear why until members of my family who are on the other side came flooding through. I was very happy to hear from each of them! It was an hour of love, assurances, messages to pass on to others, apologies and clear descriptions of each person that Fleur was meeting. I could not be more pleased at the attention detail. I want to schedule my “Life Reading” ASAP.

Sharon D

Life Saving

My son had suddenly passed; and my grief / shock was beyond anything I had experienced. When I attended a group event, my son came through loud and clear. His messages were only ones that I could know; so there was immediate healing for me.

Fleur is a true gift!

Don’t hesitate to have her read for you or attend an event. It has been life changing for me.

Amy F

Fleur is Amazing!

I had attended a group session & I was chosen from the audience with a spirit that came through. The experience was a bit surreal for me so I wanted a personal reading just to confirm. I arranged a one-on-one over the phone. I wasn’t sure how an over the phone appointment would feel but Fleur was spot on in so many ways. The skeptic in me does not give any information away during the meeting but the information flowed through on it’s own. Amazing experience & very comforting. I did a medium reading this time but may actually do a life reading next time. Highly recommend.

Elle B