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Portugal Retreat 2022


A note from Fleur...


Teaching a Portugal-based retreat is a dream come true. I came to Portugal during a turbulent time in my life, and when I arrived so many healers told me that I was in the right place for healing and insight. Portugal is said to hold a vortex, which is why the country is easygoing and has maintained neutrality in most wars or conflicts. Everyone feels it and locals all speak about it as a place of deep healing and rejuvenation, alongside deep spiritual roots. I have found this to be nothing but true, especially by the southern beaches where our retreat will take place. 


My intention during this retreat is for you to hear your own soul, and find a spiritual experience with those on the other side. To facilitate your spiritual growth, all your needs will be met. While I will lead you through daily classes, spiritual experiences, and meditations, your body will be nourished with delicious meals by our personal chef, yin yoga classes, sound healing, acupuncture, and the sea (a ten minute walk from the retreat). 


This retreat has been created to act as a life-long tool for you, not only a moment in time to recalibrate and nourish all parts of you but also a week in which you leave with all the tools necessary to live an intuitive, connected life when you return home. I have gathered my favorite teachers and healers to nourish you along the way. I look forward to this transformative week in which you will find deep trust and confidence in your spiritual gifts and access to inner knowing. See you in the sunshine! 



About the retreat 


We will gather in the Algarve, the south of Portugal in a beautiful space right next to the beach. The intention is to go deep within, to heal, and open up the gateway to spiritual access. Over the course of seven days, I hold a clear goal of opening up your spiritual awareness and building your self-trust, so that you can integrate spiritual connection into daily life with confidence upon returning home. 


In order for the spirit to rise, the body must be well taken care of, and therefore we place a high priority on freshly prepared locally-sourced meals, daily slow yoga classes, meditations, and time to see the ocean. Each day will open and close with a meditation. 


You will have daily classes with Fleur to establish a deep knowledge of your own spiritual gifts and be guided to your next level of awareness. Fleur will teach multiple times a day, lecture, offer Q&A sessions, guided meditations, and facilitate a safe space for you to try out your new gifts. You can find a sample itinerary below.


This is a well-thought-out retreat journey in which every part of your experience is meant to open and awaken your many gifts. Covered topics with Fleur range from ‘Finding your Full body Yes’, ‘Reducing Empath overload’ to 'Calling in Spiritual Guidance’. The seven-day retreat has been curated to move you through all layers of spiritual growth. You will be given a workbook that has exercises to go alongside the classes and this workbook will also offer resources for integrating new-found knowledge into daily life when you return home. 


This is an all-inclusive retreat from the moment you land at Faro airport in Portugal. We provide 3 meals a day and a snack. Each apartment comes with a kitchen and refrigerator, should you want to personally add anything to your diet. We provide all transportation, and we will have 2 people assisting on-site to answer questions, concerns, or find any item you may need. We place great importance on creating safety in your body so that your intuition can rise. 


What is included…


  • 10 in-depth classes with Fleur covering intuition, empath regulation, sensitivity training and tapping into personal spiritual guidance, Fleur will also offer 2 dedicated Q&A sessions.

  • 6 slow yoga classes with in-house yoga teacher Liz Andolong (various styles of yin, Nidra, and relaxation) at our retreat center yoga shala

  • 12 guided meditations by Fleur (morning and evening, daily)- explore various types of meditation practices throughout the week to find the best one for you

  • Physical workbook to accompany all teachings and retreat follow-up integration techniques

  • Sound bowl and breathwork evening with special guest Vanessa

  • Acupuncture (group, incorporated with Nidra yoga) with special guest acupuncturist Hayley 

  • Conscious dance event with DJ 

  • Beach walks- the retreat space is located an easy 10-minute walk from the beach 

  • Opening and closing sharing circles

  • Freshly prepared meals with organic local products from private chef

  • Vineyard tour and wine tasting event at local Algarve vineyard (please inform us if you do not drink)

  • Transport to and from Faro airport 



Room and Board… 


There are 3 options: A single in a shared apartment or a single in a private apartment (only 4 spots available) or a double room.

Double rooms have 2 individual beds and you will be paired with another retreat participant ( you can request a particular roommate). We do our best to intuitively match you with the right roommate.Each apartment is equipped with air-conditioned, living room with TV (international channels) and wifi internet, fully equipped kitchen, an en-suite bathroom with shower, double sink and toilet. Balcony with sea view or a spacious terrace with table and chairs. 


Retreat arrival is after 4 pm on April 31st, and departure time is May 7th before 2 pm. 


All meals are prepared by our in-house chef using fresh ingredients. There will be three meals a day and an afternoon snack. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions and we will accommodate you. 



Private Room in shared apartment price: 


3750€ (£3170)  ($4,290) 


Private Room in a Private Apartment:


3940€ (£3331) ($4500)


Double Shared room price: 


2500€ (£2110) ($2865) 



Securing your space...


To apply for a spot in this retreat experience, please fill out this form. 

Example itinerary...


The structure of each day will follow the below itinerary, participants will receive a full itinerary upon signing up.


fruit/ coffee/ tea available in the morning 


8:00 am - 9:00 am

Morning meditation: brief description on walking meditation by Fleur, group walking meditation on the beach 


9:00 am


10 - 11:00 am 

Shower, journal 


11:00 am

Class with Fleur ‘Finding Your Full Body Yes’ - a lecture on how body and spirit work together, distinguishing between a full-body yes and a full-body no exercises, work in partnered groups to work on identifying your unique internal, integrated response. 


1:00-2:00 pm

Lunch and receive journal prompts for the day 


3:00-4:30 pm

Yoga class with Liz, gentle class on integrating body and mind


5:00 pm

 Tea break/ snack available 


5:30-6:30 am

Class with Fleur, ‘How to Pull Back Your Energy’- learning how to release and return to self the energy you gave without conscious choice or thought


7:00 pm



8:30 pm

Optional sunset at the beach


9:00 - 9:30 pm

Evening group meditation


10:00 pm

Lights out 


Liz Andolong - Yoga

Liz Andolong is a wellness practitioner, facilitator, and space holder who believes that everybody possesses the power and the responsibility to heal themselves. A lifelong student of the human body and spirit, she shares body-centered experiences to support folks in cultivating a resilient mind-body-spirit connection to live authentically. Her teachings are a coalescence of studies in awareness practices, energetic healing, somatics, mindful movement, spirituality, anatomy, psychology, restorative practices, meditation, journaling, and guided visualization.


Liz will be offering a daily gentle yoga class (ie Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga ) at our private, on-site yoga shala room. 

Hayley Enright, acupuncturist

Hayley became an acupuncturist in 2009 and has given more than 13,000 treatments. She loves seeing the power of the body and mind at work to hold you in health and harmony. Feeling good is what you're designed for! 

Vanessa Naumann, sound bowl therapy and breathwork


Vanessa is a Sound Therapist, Breathwork Teacher, and Transformation Coach for individuals and businesses. She uses sound, breath, touch, and verbal communication as her tools to help you navigate through change, release stress, and overcome trauma. To her, releasing what we hold in our body is the foundation for expanding our awareness, creativity, and resilience - and for living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Mushina, conscious dance experience

Through a vessel artist who, for many years and since an early age, has been a presence in several electronic music events around the world. Mushina is born from a fresh will to explore and bring you to a new musical dimension.


A Portuguese man by blood, Mushina embodies in this album his mission to spiritually elevate people through music, connecting them through vibration, sound, healing, celebration, power and love.


Mushina brings you to a multitude of worlds inside of yourself, waiting to be explored, to be felt, to be released, to be embraced, to be danced…

Leslie, chef 

Through her food, you can taste Leslie's love for cooking and traveling. She cooks soul-nourishing food inspired by different cultures, always made with love and fresh ingredients that boost health and happiness.

Meet your Facilitators...




Fleur Leussink

Fleur has been working as a psychic medium and spiritual teacher for 13 years. She is the creator of the book and podcast, "Moving Beyond". Fleur believes that everyone can have a deep relationship with their own intuition and experience spiritual connection, her favorite thing is watching her students develop confidence in their inner wisdom.

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